Anniversaries of the past

It was Libby and I’s anniversary this week and she did a great blog post about us. So this is my response. I have also dug up some old photos of anniversaries and other romantic times (Libby has most of them with her on her computer) so here goes:

This one above is our 10 year anniversary. We went out to Indian at Chingari in the Ramada restaurant in Doha.

Our 11 year anniversary at the Sheraton hotel in Doha. We ate dinner at the restaurant on the beach (I think it was Italian, but I don’t remember the name.

Not an anniversary, but a romantic place nonetheless (even with baby Acacia on your back) Cinque Terra, Italy.

This on is was a school fundraiser. Doesn’t Libby look amazing?!? Tolan was there too 🙂

Ok so this was not super romantic, but it was a fun memory together. This was the Asian Games opening ceremony. Yep, it poured down rain in Doha that night!

Thank you for introducing me to Africa, a place that will never leave my heart.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the world and traveling.

Thank you for carrying and bearing our 3 beautiful children.

Thank you for teaching me to love art.

Thank you for tolerating 30+ cars (and for a while, not knowing which one to grab the keys for or which one was running).

Thank you for seeing my potential from when I was only 18 yrs old.

Thank you for being such an amazing mom to our kids, especially right now.

Thank you for pursuing God even when it is hard to make time for doing your “Bible study homework”.

Thank you for letting me teach you to drive even when you already knew how.

Thank you for actually enjoying a date in the back of a truck.

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