Google Android on my iPhone (iDroid)

Ok so I am not sure why I am writing this as no one is reading my blog except my wife and she certainly does not care too much about how I have hacked my iPhone, but here goes. I hacked my iPhone (1st gen) to dual boot iPhone OS and Android. It took me a few hours and in the middle of it I was doing some helpdesk requests (supporting teachers at school) A week or two ago a guy on the internet showed how it was possible to do this so I just got this wild idea to try it. I have limited experience with Linux but I know enough to get around and found some decent instructions online so it was not too tough. So there you do, I have proven myself to be a true geek. If you want to do it yourself, check out the creator’s blog:

2 thoughts on “Google Android on my iPhone (iDroid)

  1. Nope it was buggy, a dev version. No marketplace, etc. And all the icons on the iPhone side got all wonky /white! Going to Sprint?!?!? iPhone 4G June 7th man! Personally I am getting a new smartphone this summer, paid by the school. I think I will go for the Nexus One. Pure Android, fully unlocked.

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