To Mom

Mom, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for carrying baby Libby a little later in your life. Thank you for “keeping her” against the suggestion of the local doctors. Thank you for caring for Libby and raising her as a little girl, making the most of special moments. Thank you for modeling motherhood for her, it is paying off well, wouldn’t you say? Thank you for bringing her back to Africa with you because without that pivotal decision she may not know Jesus. Thank you for making her every moment when she was home on vacation from school special. Thank you for creating, together with Dad and Libby, all of those memories that have turned into terrific photographs and to even more amazing stories. Thank you for somehow deciding to move to Wilmore. I know it was destined to be a long time before. Thank you for letting me step into your lives right away when you came here and for sharing your hearts and your daughter with me. I will never forget the first time I met you, mom.  You and dad were in the back bathroom there at 400 Talbott Drive standing in a hole in the floor repairing or installing the tub. I remember thinking how fun it was that you were doing that work together (husband and wife) Ok so I might have thought you were a little crazy too 😉 Thank you for all the endless hours of slide shows. I truly enjoyed every minute. Thank you for trusting me with Libby. Thank you for letting go of your daughter and giving her over to me. I may know someday how that feels but at this time I cannot imagine being able to do that. Thank you for supporting Libby and I in our calling to Kenya and even on to Qatar. Thank you, mom, for loving our kids so amazingly well; for being able to relate, somehow so well, to 3 little ones at the beginning of their lives, even when you are facing the end of yours. Thank you mom, for your life.

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