Notion Ink Adam and Motorola Atrix

Okay I love technology but I don’t buy every new gadget that comes out. I am too thrifty for that. But this is a device I am really interested in. There were lots of tablets that came out during the CES in Las Vegas last week but this one is pretty cool. I have been following the Notion Ink blog for a year now, ever since they went public. A friend of mine, Jon Stocksdale, told me about the Adam back in the beginning and I have been hooked ever since. Check out the Notion Ink Adam here: . One of my other favorites from CES this year was the Motorola Atrix. I have never been a Motorola fan, but this new Android smartphone looks awesome. A smartphone that “converts” into a laptop (okay so it is basically just a web browser) is something I really need to see in person.


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