What are your hopes and expectations for the course with at least one reflection from the assigned readings from class.

My hope for this course is that I can begin being a thought leader in this field. I am ready to stop following and start leading more.

I am not a big fan of the Christiansen article. I have read most of his book and honestly he just keeps on pointing to “computer based education” as the golden solution. Yes, it is very promising and will certainly play an increasing role in the future of education, but the world is bigger thank just getting a computer in front of every student.

I related best to the Richardson article. Perhaps it is the most modern of the four articles, but for some reason it just struck home. One thing they almost all had In common was the call for teachers to “wake up”. Honestly I am tired of this call to wake up. I am awake ad ready to roll. I want to hear more from those who are living it and less from those who are calling on teachers to to take action.

Other very random thoughts:

“For educators and the schools in which they teach, the challenges of this moment are significant. Our ability to learn whatever we want, whenever we want, from whomever we want is rendering the linear, age-grouped, teacher-guided curriculum less and less relevant.”
Then why the heck are we all taking this masters class?

Random thought after reading about all this anytime, anywhere learning:

Sense making is mentioned and I love emphasizing the need for this skill.

Last article. We have moved on from this 10 year old idea of building robots. Now we think of cool things for the robot to do. Just my $.02.

3 thoughts on “What are your hopes and expectations for the course with at least one reflection from the assigned readings from class.

  1. Totally agree with you on the Christiansen article! I agree that there are some very powerful possibilities to computer-based education (examples: the ability to democratize access to content, as in MIT’s opencourseware, and individualize the learning process to provide adaptable content that more effectively meets students needs), but I also feel that the author ignores the wider world in which students will be collaboratively applying this content. The call to “wake up” is annoying for me also. We’re awake already, now let’s do something!

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