#ISSsocialmediaedu – all staff on Twitter in 40 minutes – crazy?

There are three parts to my project and the first part (the teacher piece) is well under way. I have an upcoming all-faculty meeting where I will be working with our tech team to help all faculty create Twitter accounts. I know it seems a bit ambitious to tackle this with the whole faculty but I do feel strongly that this is the first step in getting people on board with social media. I can talk and demo the use of Twitter but until people actually get an account and start to use it things will tend to stay stagnant for them.

As a school we have made a serious social media push this year. Thanks to @katharinemudra, our new Director of Communications, the school now has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Katherine and I are both new to our positions this year and are excited to see where these new social media accounts will take us. But that push has mostly an outward-facing promotional goal. Teachers using social media to improve their practice is an entirely different thing!

What advice do you have for this upcoming meeting? Is it insane to think I could get 100 faculty on Twitter in 40 minutes? I have already had 20-30 minutes in a previous all-staff meeting where I talked about the purpose of Twitter and best practices. This was more of a foundational session. I talked about how teachers should represent themselves online. What not to post, etc. We have, since then, given specific instructions to teachers via email about what they are able to post in terms of students images. So the foundation is laid in terms of “the rules” of Twitter use.

What has been the biggest “hook” for you in terms of getting teachers connected with Twitter or other social media? What advice do you have for our upcoming “all staff on Twitter in 40 minutes” session? Hit the comments below and give me (and others who may try the same thing) some help 🙂

4 thoughts on “#ISSsocialmediaedu – all staff on Twitter in 40 minutes – crazy?

  1. Good luck, David!

    This sounds very ambitious but it’s great to jump in with both feet. I don’t know if you caught the Coetail Coaches blogpost about Twitter http://www.coetail.com/coaches/are-you-twitterpated/ I have given my favorite links to help newbie Twitterers. It includes testimony of teachers and administrators and what Twitter has done for them. There is nothing more powerful nor inspiring than someone’s personal story.

    On a practical side, I think Tweetdeck (or something similar) is a deal breaker. It suddenly makes sense when one knows how to follow educational hashtags. It doesn’t matter how many you follow if you’ve discovered hastags.

    Thirdly, you make those personal connections when you bravely risk replying and helping someone.

    I look forward to hearing how the party turns out. You need to come up with a catchy name for the event 🙂


  2. Hi David,
    Great idea! I’ve recently cracked a few hard nuts in the Great Twitter Debate by showing them how the educational committee is very willing to respond to questions, especially since the chats are quick, unlike emails. For instance, I showed my principal how to ask Ken O’Conner a question regarding formative assessments in our standards based grade book and a first grade teacher who tweeted @theIpadTeachers for advice and got good ideas in minutes.
    Looking forward to hearing about your results!

  3. Thanks Vivian and Randi! I like the idea of showing people the power of Twitter and had planned to unveil a “secret weapon that I have that helps me do my job so well” (Twitter) Just today I had a teacher ask me a classic question = “Do you know of an app that does…”? I had a great suggestion within 5 minutes and it came from Twitter.

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