Course 5 Finale – #isssocialmediaedu

I have finished! This post may sound a little like a celebration because it is one! Yahoo!!! I’ve had a blast on this COETAIL journey. Honestly I took my first course several years ago and thought, “I know this stuff!” and did not take the second course right away. But I soon realized that I was missing a great opportunity. An opportunity to meet once a week or so for several hours to meet with nearly 20 teachers and be a part of their COETAIL journey. Why would I miss that? What was I thinking!?

So from the very “foundational” things we all did in Course 1, to the practical (for teachers and our students) stuff in Course 2 about digital footprints, creative commons, etc. to the super-fun visual literacy work in Course 3 (my favorite course) to the application of the first three courses in Course 4, the whole COETAIL journey has been a ton of fun and introduced me to a load of great new people.

Above you will find my video that summarizes my Course 5 project. Therewithin you will find details about my whole-community social media training program, including my reflections on the project, etc. I really wanted to provide parents, teachers, and students with the knowledge they needed to redefine their own practice and learning. I feel that I did that through this three-tiered training program. Have a look and hit the comment section on the YouTube page, this post, or the peer-review “Course 5 Final Project Feedback” sheet if you are one of my cohort members.

Please remember that my project included parents, teachers, and students. Some of the feedback questions are about students but please consider parents and teachers as my “students”.

I hope you enjoy a bit of humor with my interviewer and the “Star Wars” effect ;-)

Thanks everyone!


Enduring Understanding:
Social media is a major part of our students’ lives and therefore teachers should be modeling its use.

Social media can be a powerful form of PD for teachers.

Essential Questions:
What does it mean for a teacher to use social media in a way that models digital age work and learning?

In what ways does social media challenge the traditional PD model for teachers?


My UBD Unit details/Project Template

Presentation link for my all staff Twitter session

One of my parent “Morning Connections” presentations

Parent reflection/feedback on my sessions:

"Hi Mr David, thank you very much indeed for your help. Thanks, I appreciated that! Have a great evening." 
- Mrs Di Marzio."
"Thank you for the information, I enjoyed the session very much."
- Ms. Arnes

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