Qatar census

A guy came to the door the other day who was working for the census. The first weird thing I noticed was that he called me by name, creepy. When I asked how he knew my name he pointed to the number on the door and told me he looked it up. He was carrying this huge PDA and asked me tons of questions, most of which were normal (for me) but a few stood out. #1 odd question was he asked how many kitchens we had in the house. Mmmm I guess people in Qatar have multiple kitchens? The other, more obvious one that still through me at first was he asked how many wives I had. Of course, Muslims can have four wives so it was a normal question for Qatar but it still threw me for a loop!

Funny I just saw the same guy walking around the neighborhood tonight with hid gigantic PDA. I guess he is not done with our little area of about 20 homes yet!

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