Our cat is drinking our water

So I came in the kitchen the other day and discovered our cat up on her hind legs drinking (or rather trying to drink) from our family water dispenser. Needless to say I went ballistic on the cat. Only later did I really start to think and I came to the realization that our cat has probably been doing that for a long time. Gross. Super gross. That cat licks itself clean. I mean it licks its whole self clean, ya know? And now it is licking our water dispenser. And I have been drinking that water. Lots of it. It’s hot here and we/I drink LOTS of water. Ok you get the point. So my solution? When I come home from work I clean the outlet with Dettol and then fill a large container with water that I can drink from all night. I think I will just start to keep the water in the fridge. A pitcher of water I mean. Do you have any ideas to keep me from getting kitty-osis? I am really disturbed by this.

2 thoughts on “Our cat is drinking our water

  1. Dude how can you go ballistic on such a cute kitty? Samson drinks from our glass next to the bed at night and we have noticed no ill-effects. Come to think of it… Sara does meow in her sleep every once in a while. Hmmm… and everything she’s cooked for dinner for the last 2 weeks has been tuna-based. OK I take it all back. Go with the fridge pitcher.

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