Old Friend, New Friend and car racing

Today was a great day. Several years back our family met another family who was in Doha to work for the Asian games, the Reynolds. They had 2 little girls the same age as our two little girls and we just clicked with them as a couple. They were only in Doha for about 9 months at that time. When we said goodbye little did we know they would come back to Doha! Andrew, the dad/husband is here alone (the rest of the family is still in Australia) getting started with his job so we connected and went to see another friend of mine race his Civic in a sprint race here at Losail. Peter is a new friend of time whose family we just got to know not long ago here in Doha. So today was cool. I got to see an old friend whom I have not seen in years and see a new friend compete in the QMMF sprint championship. He even got first in his class. Nice job Peter. After the race my old friend and I went to a little Ethiopian restaurant, ordering was a challenge this time but we had fun talking. Pics and a very windy video (from a long ways away) are below.


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