The Emir Cup

The Emir cup is the playoff game for the whole country of Qatar’s club football (soccer if you are in the US) league. I got a few tickets and decided to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s some pics:

Parked a long way from the stadium.

Chaos getting into the place

The Emir (like the king) drove up in a limo on this ramp. I saw it.

There was actually a game going on too.

These fans are dedicated! (and wild) There were kids up past this guy throwing apples into the crowd below; man that would hurt.

There was so many people texting and calling you could hardly make a call.

Check out the middle eastern mullet on that guy. He would fit right in back in KY!

I really wish the kids could have seen the fireworks display!

After the game it’s “Everybody hang out of your cars and ride on the roof and do other insane things” time.

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