Ethiopian Food

So Ethiopian food is one of Libby and I’s favorites. A family from church found out that Libby was still gone with the kids and decided to “help me out” by bring over some Ethiopian food. Since they are Ethiopian, the food was fantastic! I think it was Doro Wat (spicy chicken in sauce), Atkilt (vegetables), and some kind of Alicha (split peas in sauce) oh yea and Njera. I don’t know why I just capitalized those foods; I guess because I am used to seeing them on menus! So here’s a few pics of the delicious food! Thanks so much Emi and your family for sharing your terrific food!!!


2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Food

  1. Can’t wait to try it for real in Ethi! It looks awesome. I think we had Doro Wat at Queen of Sheba year ago!

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