Finding the best tools – Infographic edition

image source: David Beaty

image source: David Beaty

I was in charge of making a poster for our AES Minicourse trip last year. The first thing I did was to visit the minicourse office. The trip coordinator had told us that there were images in her office that we could use for making our posters. “Drop by” she said. And I did, bringing my USB flash drive with me. As it turned out, she had images, actual photos printed on paper and some blank posterboard and glue sticks. Yes, glue sticks. “No self-respecting tech person is going to make their poster with actual posterboard and glue stick” I thought to myself.

So I decided to make an infographic. A few tweets and Google searches later turned up a pretty substantial list of websites and tools, so I set to work. Jeff Utecht, in his video on making visually appealing presentations mentions that these more visually appealing presentations take more time than the old style boring presentations and I can confirm that. By the time I was done downloading, registering and testing the various infographic tools I was great to run back to that posterboard and gluestick. I even at one point tried the “build it from scratch in Photoshop” technique. But I stuck with it (no gluestick pun intended) and in the end I was pretty happy with the result.

I tried to keep it simple, incorporate humor and yet make it interesting enough to catch a high schooler’s attention among the many other posters. These posters, some 22 or more in all, are all hung up together in the high school breeezeway so there is significant competition among them. Yes, the idea is just to inform students about the trip, but there is no doubt they are meant to entertain as well.

In the end I used It was cheap, the tools worked well and the design options were what I was looking for. Save yourself the trouble and go straight there if you are looking to create an infographic.

Have a look at the result above and let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Finding the best tools – Infographic edition

  1. Hi David,
    Simply love your infographic. What did the minicourse coordinator say? Rest of the faculty will surely have something to say once the word gets out that everyone should have a infographic made for next year’s informational poster. You are also one more person to recommend Have to try that one. How long did you say it took…

  2. Hi David,

    If I had been a student, I would have signed up for the trip just by looking at your poster! Like Anjana, I love your infographic and you have quite a sense of humour. I don’t know about but a couple of students have also mentioned that program. As I am creating a ‘about me’ page for my final project, I should maybe have a look at it. Back to minicourse, maybe we should team up next year!

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