The new Twitter profile page

Image Credit: davidwbeaty on Twitter

Image Credit: davidwbeaty on Twitter


Have you seen the new Twitter profile layout? It looks to me like the people at Twitter have stepped things up in the visual department. They’ve moved up from the older, more text-based profiles to a “big broad image” style profile page. This is yet one more example of how we seem images competing where it was formerly only text. I mean, this is Twitter, a simple 140 character microblog, yet they have moved up to a big bold image layout! Twitter is not alone in this trend. In fact the whole web is going visual. Some estimates even show as high as 90% of web traffic as being video. Obviously video takes up more bandwidth than static images, but if we group images in with video, really most of the web is some form of media. This is why, again, it is so important that our students are visual literacy experts!



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